RKB Electrical is a synonym for flexibility. We are ingenious when it comes to finding “out-of-the-box” solutions to a whole array of issues. Electrical engineering is a field that keeps developing new techniques. We are the masters of not only keeping up but also pioneering new solutions.

We don’t stay in our lane because we strive to meet every need of our clients. What’s more, we apply all our skills and keep a versatile approach to maintenance. Whether we are developing a project or reconstructing it — our approach is thorough and organised.

Each of our projects has planned management. Therefore, we keep each facility well maintained. What’s more, we repair and restore the installations throughout their working life.

However, if needed, our clients can also turn to us for testing, and they may reach out to us for insurance purposes. Therefore, we will take on the task of testing and examining the installations in all types of facilities.

The full spectrum of our maintenance services includes:

–        Periodic inspection testing 

–        PAT Testing (Portable applicance testing)

–        Scheduled and emergency maintenance

–        Maintenance projects on multiple sites


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